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I am not normally a praying man1!

2010-07-16 11:40:26 by FlasherToni

. . not normally~~~~

I am not normally a praying man1!

MJ is GOD!

2009-07-01 09:51:35 by FlasherToni

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so... no answer is an answer too....
Now I may assume NG preloaders are not reliable and scruffy programmed.
That's too bad. didn't expect that from the almighty NGs.
I hate my preload section in movies messed up only cause no proper programmer exist at NG...Dx

BOOO I say BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*barf*pukepuke*barf**barf*pukepuke*bar f**barf*pukepuke*barf*

hmmm ... What about the NG preloaders ? (2)

hmmm ... What about the NG preloaders ?

2009-06-20 18:10:58 by FlasherToni

I took the time looking over my stuff and noticed (once again) that preloaders not always work how they should do.

Some start late some may even work some don't work at all... if with api or not ...
I mean I put them in the first frame and sometimes it works but often not. Is there a special trick about it?
I would like to go on using NG preloaders, but don't know if it makes sense when never know if they work or not. . . |:-?


2009-05-28 13:32:43 by FlasherToni

I was goin' through here, and i came across your profile. You appear to be a fairly fascinating person, although I'm sort of inexperienced here, and don't know where to go here. Shouldn't they have some sort of chat here?? I can't stand writing msgs to ppl, and potentially not getting a responce! Well, if u are interested in chattin' with me, u can find me over @ date-circle.net?id=3590 , my name over there is feistykitty.

So, ya, hope to see you there. always looking to find more people.
Joanna Brooks "

::: that's my newest received mail from the inbox of my account.
sent by the account of shannondb.newgrounds.com
wow ~
Even NG Inbox got spammed now -not only the Portal. A new Age of bold spamage is coming boys.

New post

2009-04-04 12:27:51 by FlasherToni

just a new post .

What is this China Sh*t

2009-04-01 12:27:10 by FlasherToni

I have to talk with my best NG friend Psychogoldfish about it.

I saw and hated it the 1st second in my face.
......hated it like your drunk mom's smelly c*nt ---- Biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is this China Sh*t

*yawn* Send me some pics

2009-03-25 15:57:40 by FlasherToni

so I can upload them here.....

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Tyaahhaaa found a new...

2009-02-28 07:57:55 by FlasherToni

... broke bitch in local brothel i harassed in my skeletor costume :C

Watch it you nerd -
watch it from your cum sticky kiddies desk !!!!!!!!

Tyaahhaaa found a new...


2009-02-21 14:20:57 by FlasherToni

nah not him again !!!!!!!