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lately joined Review Crew

2009-02-19 13:30:46 by FlasherToni

cause my day job takes a bit much time these times :[

Wattaya think bout it????
Perhaps I can become a second El-Syd and only going to review stuff....

in lack of

2009-01-30 14:55:24 by FlasherToni

any interest in my last obituary post here a new one, but this lacks in subject. So write what you want or better: leave it.

~ king 0f filthy mini Games

how can I

2009-01-26 19:11:10 by FlasherToni

work on my infamous fame anymore when guys like Savarese even undermine my limits at all ......shall I quit???? Is the former undisputed king of filthy minigames like "Under the christmas tree", "Emo's nightmayr" or the infamous "Christy Canyon's XXX Maze" dead ????????

R.I.P. Toni ~ killed by the Italian stallion ??

how can I

new year.

2009-01-23 20:01:42 by FlasherToni

new attitude.

---btw. is that "Shapes Day" a real NG day or was it just a joke by some bored NG admins like Stamper or/and Utah? Or did I miss something? not that I would care but...... if that day really exists not many ppl seem to know about it.....


2008-12-24 18:30:55 by FlasherToni

wishes and greetz this night
don't spam to much :) keep something up for next XXXmas.

Hmm let's see what Mr Vrejvax is cooking....

I guess it has sumthing to do with one "D" or maybe 2

This week: Trophy Betting Shop [closed]

2008-12-20 17:49:24 by FlasherToni

This week Toni NG bookie's on Turd Trophy

3 Rivals are ready for Turd Truphy before week's ending:

Applicant 1: The-Magic
Movie: [DD] Naruto Sasuke SEX 1

Applicant 2: Black-People-Steal
Movie: [DD] Sasuke ANAL Thumping

Applicant 3: lolmetaknight
Movie: [dd] Naruto Mom Sex 1
Update: Applicant 3 changed name of the Movie to: "DD suck dick" due to frustration
and calls himself now a dog's name: Waldo

Which one of these amibitious 2+1 ex DD-members will make it ??

The Shop is open ! Make your Bets!!! Win a free BlamCom Board :DDD

All rivals out of race!
Applicant 3 as said by frustration, Applicant 1 and Applicant 2 obviously by admins removal.
So the run of the BlamCom Boards is Over. ..... back to work muties....... *slahcrack*

btw. I like Afroninja's flash work (and look) - looks Eggford as nerdy as I saw him on a convention pic (I guess lolmetaknight looks like that too :)??


2008-11-06 05:52:05 by FlasherToni

0fficial Toni G'Book.

I have a Clone right now.

2008-11-04 08:43:50 by FlasherToni

daxter264 seems using the same by me made icon.

If you didn't notice yet, it's a mixture of the angryfaic smiley and the sunglasses smiley you can see in a line with others on the make new posts site.

I don't know if I shall be flattered or just beat the crap outta him....

Perhaps both, at least would be fun. but I really have to think about a new icon or not.


ur wrong.

Vote for his movie to turd of the week.