2009-05-28 13:32:43 by FlasherToni

I was goin' through here, and i came across your profile. You appear to be a fairly fascinating person, although I'm sort of inexperienced here, and don't know where to go here. Shouldn't they have some sort of chat here?? I can't stand writing msgs to ppl, and potentially not getting a responce! Well, if u are interested in chattin' with me, u can find me over @ date-circle.net?id=3590 , my name over there is feistykitty.

So, ya, hope to see you there. always looking to find more people.
Joanna Brooks "

::: that's my newest received mail from the inbox of my account.
sent by the account of shannondb.newgrounds.com
wow ~
Even NG Inbox got spammed now -not only the Portal. A new Age of bold spamage is coming boys.


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2009-05-28 13:40:37

I got that exact one a while ago. It really sucks that it's still circulating. Oh well... BLOCK!

FlasherToni responds:

dam straight should that be.